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This web site compilates our works concerning the determination of glycanic sequences from differents animal species. The glycobase page allows to search a specific glycanic sequence already published. We have demonstrated that it exists a species specificity through the glycanic sequences. Each species posseses at least a typical sequence.
Moreover you can download both NMR files and annotated NMR spectra in .jpg format. The data base is under construction but already usable and it is updated weekly. All glycanic sequences have been elucidated using mass spectrometry and NMR.

UFR-Biologie de l’Université Lille 1

Ce site est celui de l’Unité de Formation et de Recherche en Biologie de L’université de Lille1. Il informe en temps réel sur les actualités concernant ses personnels et les étudiants de l’UFR actuellement dirigée par le Dr Didier Vieau.


This russian database is the reference for polysaccharide studies by nmr. It proposes nmr data and gives lot of references.

SDBS-organic compounds

This japonese database is very easy to use and propose different queries to found the results. of its research. It is specialized for organic compound including small carbohydrates. Be careful the data are given in different solvents



This is the most famous database for carbohydrate, mainly known for carbohydrate derivates for gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry and nmr of xyloglucans


This database is the main database for biological compound including carbohydrates. It is very complete and very often updated, it is the tool for structural studies


This database is focus on yeast cells



The Laboratory web site of our colleagues, members of the platform’s "Proetomics and mass spectrometry" of Lille

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